Tuesday, April 16, 2024


The vision of FBSU Consultative Center for Studies and Community Service is to become one of the best and most powerful training and consultative centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has competitive features qualifying the center to lead the training and consultation activities locally and regionally.


The center’s mission is to provide qualitative training services and consultations of a high degree of quality, help  individuals and institutions to continuously develop their knowledge and skills through the originality and primacy of ideas and be up to date with the contemporary requirements of this era for the sake of having aware and well knowledged individuals and community.

Objectives of the center; the center aims at:

  1. Connecting the university with the local community by establishing continuous communication with all its institutions and sectors to achieve the university's effective contribution in the development process of the Kingdom.
  2. Utilising and employing the university's scientific, human and material capabilities to serve the community, and find scientific solutions to the problems that the community encounter.
  3. Assisting individuals to acquire knowledge and skills and employ them to develop their institutions and societies.
  4. Developing continuing education programs, linking university experiences and knowledge to the scientific life of the individual and helping her/him to employ the experience and knowledge gained in increasing their productivity.

The center seeks to achieve its objectives and goal through providing and organizing the following services and activities:

  1. Performing consultations, studies, designs and scientific specifications in all fields.
  2. Conducting Lab tests and analyses.
  3. Holding conferences, courses and training workshops.
  4. Making partnership with the industry sector and providing it with distinguished technical services.
  5. Implementing technological investments within the university's physical, technical and human capabilities.
  6.  Participating and providing support for training programs.