Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Modern electrical engineering is a broad and diverse field that rivals all engineering disciplines in its impact on society. The expanding role of electrical engineering in today’s society reflects the variety and scope of this exciting profession. Local as well as regional career opportunities now available for electrical engineers span communications companies; hardware companies; consulting offices; design and implementation of electronic systems; electric power industry; biomedical equipment companies; radio and television broadcasting; control and manufacturing; electrical power generation, transmission and distribution; and industrial automation companies.

The Department of Electrical Engineering is committed to provide its students with meaningful, up-to-date skills and knowledge that allow them to pursue successful engineering careers and make deep impacts in their workplace.  With these objectives in mind, the Electrical Engineering program is designed around fostering contemporary best practices and skills in line with the job opportunities for electrical engineers primarily within Tabuk and the Gulf region.

Consequently, graduates of the Department of Electrical Engineering are poised to take advantage of numerous job opportunities within the Tabuk province, and in the growing Saudi and Gulf markets.