Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Department of English Language and Translation strives to provide high quality instruction, develop students’ knowledge and practical and cognitive skills necessary, build cross-cultural competencies, conduct theoretical and applied research, render essential community services, and adhere to principles of ethics.



  • Acquainting students with the basic linguistic, teaching, editing, and translation and interpreting principles, theories, strategies and methods.
  • Introducing students to socio-cultural contexts associated with Arabic and English languages.
  • Improving students’ competency level in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Providing students with extensive training necessary for editing, translation, teaching English as a second language, and conducting quality research.
  • Developing a linguistic, practical and professional understanding of the nature of the translation process and its various fields.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in using the appropriate learning resources and computer-assisted translation tools.
  • Working independently and in teams.
  • Applying different translation strategies and methods based on the nature and domain of the text.