Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Fahd bin Sultan University visited the National Museum of Tabuk supervised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to promote the subject of global civilizations. The visit accompanied by Professor Abdulaziz bin Salim Al-Hammad Head of the Department of Humanities.

They were welcomed by Mr. Abdulelah Al-Fares and Mr. Bandar Musa Al-Shammari who accompanied the students with a detailed explanation of the components of the museum which is the most important tourist attractions In Tabuk area. The students inspected successive periods of time and civilizations included most of the governorates of the Tabuk region. The visit had an impact on the hearts of the students as they watched these civilizations in the region, which were previously unknown to them. At the end of the visit, Dr. Al-Hammad thanked Mr. Abdul Ilah, Director of the National Museum, and thanked Mr. Bandar Al-Shammari for their cooperation and good reception.