Wednesday, December 01, 2021

FBSU Hosts Workshop Entitled “Tourism is Enriching”FBSU hosted at 9:00 am on Tuesday 30/12/1436 H coinciding 13/10/2015 G in its MP Theatre the workshop entitled “Tourism is Enriching”. The Workshop reflects a generous initiative by the Commission of Tourism and Antiquity in the Tabuk region  and constitutes a part of the Commission’s program to acquaint local communities of the investment opportunities of Touristic development in order to enable them of investing in their touristic antiquity sites and national culture. 

The workshop discussed the following topics:

- Tourism is a responsibility and industry

- Tourism in the Kingdom

- Finance and touristic investment

- Continuous touristic development system

- Qualitative tourism

- Antiquity and significance of preserving it

- Opportunities of Touristic investment

The Workshop was led by Her Excellence Dr. Aljawhara Aljameel from Hail University and supervised by Dr. Waad Alsayed the Assistant to the President of FBSU for the Female Section.

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