graduation fullUnder the Patronage of HRH Prince Fahad Bin Sultan, Prince of Tabuk and Chairman of the BOT, FBSU celebrated on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 the graduation of its 10th undergraduate class and 5th postgraduate class. 

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Alluhidan, FBSU Director, delivered a speech in which he pointed out that FBSU started with one college, viz., the College of Computing in 1427/1428 H. Shortly after, two other colleges, namely, the College of Business and Management and the College of Engineering were established, illustrated Dr. Alluhidan. He added that the College of Sciences and Humanities has been established more recently.

His Excellency also indicated that the University has recently obtained the institutional accreditation from the Education Evaluation Commission. Furthermore, he expressed his pleasure and pride for obtaining the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) initial approval to establish the College of Medicine, which will be soon materialized through the massive support of HRH Prince Fahad Bin Sultan and the MoE.

In addition to the three newly launched graduate programs in the colleges of Engineering and Computing, the university is about to establish a new undergraduate engineering program on “Renewable and Sustainable Energy.”, Dr. Alluhidan added. His Excellency also made reference to the fact that more than 50% of the FBSU’s students benefit from the scholarships granted by HRH Prince Fahad Bin Sultan, Prince of Tabuk and Chairman of the BOT. It is worth mentioning that this batch of graduates contains students from a wide spectrum of countries, including Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Mauritania, Portuguese, and the USA. He also pointed to the numerous agreements and memorandums of understanding signed with international, national and local institutions. Dr. Alluhaidan concluded his speech by pointing out that the University is currently seeking program accreditation from some international accrediting organizations.

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