Information Technology program is designed to grant students the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree upon the successful completion of the four-year program thereof.

Program Mission

Computer Information Technology at FBSU is a core high-technology discipline which integrates theoretical and practical education. Through a combination of courses and a final degree project, the college of computing provides quality teaching that prepares students to assume positions in public and private sectors, computer industry, or educational institutes in the kingdom. The program also
offers prospective students opportunities to pursue a higher education in Information Technology.

Program Objectives

• Perform periodical amendments in CIT program to keep the curriculum intact and updated according to the industrial needs.
• Develop students’ ability to apply modern CIT theories and practical knowledge to the contemporary and real time environment.
• Identify, evaluate current and emerging technologies and assess their applicability to address the users’ needs and recognize the need for continued learning throughout their career.
• Develop an understanding of professional responsibility to evaluate their professional, social, and ethical obligations to the society, employers, and their peers.
• Develop an understanding of the commitment needed to pursue lifelong goals through educational and professional endeavors.